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Where's BC2 "pick rules" functionality in BC3?

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  • Where's BC2 "pick rules" functionality in BC3?

    One of the things I liked about BC2 was that I could click "pick rules" and apply a filter to any given file regardless of extension. Exploring BC3 it looks as though this is no longer the case. This is problematic, because often I want to diff logfiles where there's no set extension (.log, .out, .txt, .result, [no extension], etc).

    If I were just doing normal text diffs this wouldn't be a problem, but most of my logs have time stamps. I don't want time stamps to count as important text. So in BC2 I added several regular expressions:


    And - bam - fixed! How do I do this in BC3?

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    First, you need to create a file type that uses the filters you want. Call them "Xtraeme log files" or something. (Tools->File Formats) Then you can edit the Grammar to define the unimportant bits.

    Click on the little down-pointing triangle next to the referee on the toolbar, and you will get a menu where you can choose the file type to use.

    You can also choose the format through the main menu: select "Session Settings" from the "Session" menu, then go to the "Format" tab.
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      Thanks for the reply Michael!