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  • how to customize update

    With BC2, there was full control of how directories were to be synchronized. I opted for the following to sync left to right:

    copy orphans left to right,

    update right if and only if left is newer,

    and delete orphans on the right.

    I can't figure out how to do this with BC3.

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    It isn't possible to customize sync behavior in the Folder Compare. Instead, use a Folder Sync session. To change the settings, go to the "Sync" tab of "Session > Session Settings". You can also click the Referee button to open the dialog.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      There is no "sync" tab when you click the referee. There are: specs, comparison, handling, name filters, other filters, misc. I have the latest version. None of those tabs allows the type of customization I want. If it went away, why???


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        We now have 2 session types in BC3: Folder Compare and Folder Sync

        The Session Settings dialog is specific for the type of session you are in (MP3 Compare, Text Compare, Folder Compare, Folder Sync).

        The Sync tab is only present in the Folder Sync session type. You can launch a Folder Sync session type *from* a Folder Compare from the Session menu -> Sync folders.

        With this workflow, the Sync session type is basically a customizable, savable, refreshable Preview dialog. Instead of the static BC2 dialog that showed a Preview before committing (and needed to be canceled to change anything), the BC3 Sync session shows you a large Preview pane, allows you to customize the Sync, and then save the Sync as a session. You can then load the Sync directly instead of needing to load the Comparison first.

        This allows you to quickly load and sync two folders.
        Aaron P Scooter Software