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  • Automatic update not quite so automatic


    Short version: The automatic check for updates is broken (at least in 453).

    Long version: I am trying out BC3 on two computers, my home computer and my work computer. When I checked for forums yesterday morning (5/6), I noticed that there was a new version of BC3 out from the 5th. I opened my home copy of BC3 and opened Tools/Options and noticed that it last did a check for an update a week ago, but in the PM. I figured I didn't need the latest and greatest on this computer so I would check out the automatic update feature. So, this morning, knowing that I am two revs behind at this point, I opened BC3 and poof, nothing. I opened Tools/Options and it said it check for an update this morning. OK--I closed BC3 and reopened it, thinking it may not prompt me during this session--again, nothing.

    When I opened the About box to double check the version number, it knows that a new version is available--I was just expecting something a little more "in-your-face" shall we say .


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    The check for updates is intentionally subtle. It also shows "New version available" in the right side of the menu bar, but that's it right now; it doesn't show a big dialog unless you click the menu link or do a manual check for updates. If enough other people think a dialog is appropriate we can consider it, though we had people complain that the "New version available" had an exclaimation point for a while, so there might be some push against it.
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      Wow! That does sound subtle. I didn't see that at all. Is there a screen shot somewhere so I can see what to look for (I have already updated my copy).



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        You can see it in our screenshot gallery:
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          Originally posted by Craig View Post
          If enough other people think a dialog is appropriate we can consider it
          I like the "subtle" link. I would not want a dialog in response to an automatic check for updates.
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