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Including Sessions in Saved Workspace

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  • Including Sessions in Saved Workspace

    There are times when I'd like to open an instance of BC with no saved sessions available. I thought that if I saved a "vanilla" workspace immediately after installing, I could subsequently load it and achieve my objective but it would appear that sessions are not included in the workspace save/load process.

    Is there a way of doing what I want? If not, please consider adding support for this in a future version, perhaps as a startup option.

    Regards, AB

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    Do you mean you wish for BC3 to always start on the Home Screen, or for BC3 to not show any saved Sessions?

    To show the Home Screen, simply Save a Workspace when showing only the Windows and Tabs you wish to show on load, in the positions and size you want.

    You can disable BC3's ability to Auto-save sessions under the Tools menu -> Options, General, '0' max-auto-saved sessions (and optionally disable Include Session management). Then if you do not save any sessions, none will appear in the list.

    If you need BC3 to sometimes start up with no sessions, and sometimes startup showing saved sessions, you will need two installs of BC3. Make a Portable install, and use this with no saved sessions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software