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    When I click on the icon to open Beyond Compare, I see all my folders on my hard-drive on the left, and all my synchronized folders on my external hard-drive on the right. I like this presentation, and it's the way I've had it since my early days with BC. However, whenever I have to reinstall windows, and load the BC software, I have a very difficult time achieving this presentation on my desktop. Is there some kind of "how to" to achieve this? Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Hi Jerry,

    Here's how to have Beyond Compare 3 open to a specific comparison:

    Open Beyond Compare.
    Open a new Folder Compare or a saved Folder Compare session.
    If you opened a new session, load your folders, then save the session.
    Select "Session > Save Workspace".
    Name the workspace "Startup".
    Select "Tools > Options".
    Go to the "Startup" section.
    In the dropdown for "Load workspace", select the "Startup" workspace that you just created, then click OK.

    This will make BC3 load the saved comparison session every time it starts.
    Chris K Scooter Software