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    Not sure it has been asked before. It has to do with "Replace" dialog & not the "Session Settings" > "Replacements" feature. I wish if we had a little tweak in "Replace-Dialog" for it could suggest me the "Replace with" string same as the last replacement I made for a certain string. Say I replaced AAA with BBB once & later on if -
    a. I select word AAA & the hit Ctrl+H (Replace Dialog) OR
    b. Hit the Ctrl+H & then type something in "Text to find" say AAA
    then it should automatically suggest BBB as a replacement as this is what I replaced AAA with lately. Furthermoe if I decide to replace AAA with CCC this time then next time it should suggest me "CCC". Also great if it could work for Regex replacements & not just words.

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    BC3 already has a sticky "Replace with" value. It also keeps a history of your most recent "Replace with" values accessible via a dropdown list (or by using the down arrow to iterate through them).
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      The Session Settings: Replacements in the Text Compare is for defining an unimportant equivalence, such as when A = B, count it as equal, but otherwise treat them as differences if A = C or C = B.

      The Replace dialog is what Michael is talking about, under the Search menu (default to Ctrl+H).
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