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I wish I could schedule a synchronization

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  • I wish I could schedule a synchronization

    Wouldn't it be great if BC had the ability to schedule a synchronization?

    Any chance this will be added?


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    I just found this post:

    A way to use windows scheduler and cmd scripting to do it.

    It still would be nice to have a UI for this built into BC.

    David B


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      I think it would be preferable to keep current behavior. This way, you have a choice about the scheduler used to run your tasks. By adding this support to BC, you would probably be stuck with a single solution which would most likely not fit everyone's needs.

      Then, you've added unnecessary 'bloat' to a perfectly fine tool.

      Just my opinion.


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        However, it would be nice if BC could export a command line version of a current setup (folders, options, etc.) -- a "command line builder". All the state is already known, and such a feature should not bloat the product.


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          We are planning on adding support for scheduling syncs using the Windows task scheduler at some point. I don't think being "stuck" with the Windows-provided scheduler is that great a limitation, and it should integrate well with the current sync settings. I wouldn't worry too much about bloat; if we haven't done it with the MP3 compare I'm not sure what else we could add that would do it.
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            I'm not a big fan of the Windows Scheduler, it always seems to need something more and never seems to work just right.

            I've been using SystemScheduler from with excellent results and little hassle.

            JohnFland has a great idea in a command line builder. Everything you need to start a session that is known to work.

            fwiw... Bob


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              i use nncron from i've been using the freeware version for years and it works great. BC scripts running overnight via cron are sometimes the only things that let me sleep (sick, I know :-) at night.... :-)