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Right mouse click results in configuring BC3 before opening context menu

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  • Right mouse click results in configuring BC3 before opening context menu


    A few users have the issue that whenever they right mouse click on a file in Windows Explorer, Beyond Compare 3.1 starts to configure before they see the context menu.

    By default users do not have admin privileges on their pc.
    Is it related to this (the privileges) or something else?

    Though they like the tool very much, it starts to become annoying for them.

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    Could you go into more detail on 'starts to configure'? Do you mean the initial Wizard for setting up that only runs once to setup initial settings?

    Does this happen only once per user, or is it repeatable by the same user?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      As mentioned before Beyond Compare 3 is scripted as an MSI-file and distributed towards the end users. The MSI-file installs the software at user's side.

      When they click in Windows Explorer (left to select a folder or right to get the pop menu) a window opens that says that Beyond Compare is reconfiguring. This action happens a few seconds and afterwards the real action (select a folder of show the pop menu) happens.

      The IT-related personnel have admin privileges and they don't have this issue.
      This issue only occurs with a few of our business and users and they have this message than all the time.
      Thinking further on this I thought that it could be:
      - related to the privileges a user has
      - the pop menu options Beyond Compare offers (compare from within windows explorer)
      - something went wrong during scripting.

      Could it be related to an upgrade from BC2 to BC3.
      The people who have this issues used to work with BC2...

      We run on a Windows XP Pro platform.


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        Is this the same issue you reported in the following thread:

        If so, Craig (Team Scooter) asked you a question that you haven't responded to yet...
        And I made a suggestion to Team Scooter that hasn't been acknowledged yet...
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          Beyond Compare's installer uses InnoSetup, not MSI. Whatever you're running into is a side effect of your repackaging.
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            Hello Michael,

            I actually added those suggestions to the Wishlist already, I just forgot to also reply to the forum post. It is part of our Wishlist item dealing with Import Settings during an Install.

            The two issues could be related since they are the same user, but this is the only report I know of with this behavior.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              I've looked through your user's forum posts and don't see a previous mention of the MSI installer. Did you also send us an email? Did it include a link back to your forum post?

              We have not had any other reports of this issue. It is likely caused by your MSI repackaging. If you install to a system using our Setup.exe from our website, do you still see the same issues?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                sorry for the late response (Holidays ;-).

                Some answers:
                - Yes, I opened 2 items in this forum on the same issue by mistake.
                It was my first one and I didn't saw the issue pop up in the forum,
                so I initiated a second one. My apologies.

                - Although I still have not figured out what caused the issue, it became resolved
                by removing the software and reinstalling the package at the end users pc's.
                Regarding the MSI installer as someone mentions in a post... Beyond Compare doesn't use that, but once software gets scripted in our company it is pushed as MSI.

                Thanks all for the suggestions & help!

                Best regards & best wishes for 2010