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Can't compare Zip files. Context commands missing.

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  • Can't compare Zip files. Context commands missing.

    I have Windows 7 and am ruunning BC 3.1.8 and WinZip 11.2. In this scenario, some BC Explorer Shell commands are disabled or don't show on the Context Menu due to the special handling Explorer gives them.

    To wit: Windows Explorer treats Zip files as folders allowing you to see the zip file members the same way as Explorer shows files within a folder. Since BC ignores/disables shell commands like "Compare Using" on folders and it follows the Windows Explorer pretense that a Zip file is a folder, BC disables Compare Using and opens BC's Full View showing all files withnin the zip files.

    Item 1: Can't compare Zip archives
    No apparent way to directly compare two zip archives as singular files.

    Item 2: Can't do simple compare of two Zip archive members
    Since Explorer's pseudo folder view of a Zip file seems to be handled internally by WinZip, the right-click context menu is reduced to a few simple commands (Open, Cut, Copy, Delete, Properties). No BC commands.

    As such, BC cannot be used to directly compare Zip files as singular files nor can it compare two member files of the same Zip archive. This is a major handicap for us as we 100+ same-sized (but unnamed) Zip files we got from a recent disk recovery operation that we need to compare.

    Item 4: Interestingly, BC DOES allow the compare of two Zip files when treated as folders so this can be used as a replacement function. However, having to open BC in Full View to stare at 100's of file members to see if any do not match is far more tedious than a simple binary compare.

    Item 5: No compare result indicator in Full View?
    Perhaps it's my over stressed eyeballs but when I open BC in fiull view to compare two huge folder trees, there doesn't seem to be (as alluded to in Item 4) any clear and unequivocal indicator that the two folders are equal. There needs to be be a VERY prominent indicator or icon at the top that shows something like:
    = ... Folders are Equal
    ? .. Folder equality not dewterminable or not yet compared.
    N ... Folders NOT equal.

    With so many options it is disconcerting to have to open BC in full view, set the BC views and options to show only differences between folders, ensure you are at top of tree, then see there are no files listed, then verify settings again to be certain, then finally assume the folders are truly equal based on all those actions, then cross your fingers and delete the duplicate. Wheh!

    If direct compare were available, that would be reduced to "Direct Binary Compare". Done!


    1. Add prominent folder equality icon to top of BC menu.

    2. Override Windows Explorer's treatment of Zip files as a folder and allow the Compare and Compare Using context menu commands to do direct binary and other compares without throwing user into the massive forest of BC's full view interface.


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    You can completely (but reversibly) disable Windows Explorer's zip folder handling by using the instructions at


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      Originally posted by xor42 View Post
      Item 1: Can't compare Zip archives
      No apparent way to directly compare two zip archives as singular files.
      xor42: In a folder compare session, have you tried setting your session settings Archive handling (Handling tab) to "As files always"?

      Scooter: Under Tools \ Options, when "Compare Using" is activated in Explorer integration, why is it not available to compare two .zip files using a hex compare?
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        Thanks for the suggestion, Michael. I'm going to create a Wishlist entry about this topic.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks for the suggestion, Xor. I've added better Windows Shell extension support for zip handling to our Customer Wishlist. In the meantime, if you open a folder compare first, view the zips from there, Michael's suggestion of handling them as Files should work as you expect.

          For the Folder Contents, those are reflected by the color of the folders. If the contents inside of the folder are considered different, then the folder pair will be red, blue for orphan, red/grey for newer, older, etc.

          The middle column populates for the files within the folders, and the folder colors are inherited based on the results of their contents. You can view all of the color combinations from the View menu -> Legend.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            TFrost thanks for the link and hopefully that will be enough to clear up the problems I have unfortunately been having with my Public Liability Quote Folders as of late!!

            Thanks for taking the time to post and let us know about it
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