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  • Custom commands to context menu

    I frequently do the same analysis on a set of folders and need to copy files marked as differences to another folder than the one referenced on the left. Is there a way to add a custom folder destination under the copy to folder context menu? For instance, if I select 10 files an click, copy to folder the dialog appears with a dropdown. Is there anywhere the dropdown could be appended to the context menu itself with storing a configurable set of MRU values?

    Along the same lines, is there a way to "disable" specific functions in the context menu for a specified folder? For instance, if I am in a folder from which I never want to delete or move files, can I configure the context menu such that those functions are either inaccessible or not present in the context menus?
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    It isn't possible to edit the MRU list.

    Also, you can disable editing for an entire base folder in the session settings, it isn't possible to set it for specific subfolders of a session. To disable editing, select a saved session in the home view, then check "disable editing" in the Specs tab.
    Chris K Scooter Software