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Can you add coluns for "Date Created" "Artist" "Album," etc.

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  • Can you add coluns for "Date Created" "Artist" "Album," etc.

    It would be very convenient if we could add columns for all the other windows explorer categories like "Date Created" "Artist" "Album," etc.

    It seems like this is a simple add, since it just involves turning on support for data that is already there.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, displaying additional columns is already on our wish list for a future release of BC.
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      If you want to compare Tag data from within the Folder Compare session, first double check that a double click on a pair of files brings you to the MP3 Compare. Then in the Folder Compare session, go to the Session Settings, Comparison tab, and enable a Rules-based comparison. This won't show the information on the Folder Compare, but it will show you which MP3 files differ in their tags. You can then double click these files to get more info.
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