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  • Testimonial!

    I don't know if there is a place for spontaneous testimonials, so I'm saying it here.

    As I was working through a massive cleanup of a development area in my file system -- thousands of redundant, obsolete files to check out, compare, find the most recent, delete the old stuff, etc -- I was struck by how incredibly useful BC(3) is at this. It has saved big chunks of my time and even my very butt many times. Most of the time, when I think I need such-such-a-feature right now, I look and it's there, and even better than I would have expected.

    As a developer and interaction designer, I'm extremely tough on software -- I usually turn up serious deficiencies within 5 minutes of working with a new tool. But BC3 has been the opposite -- it has met about 90% of my needs on the spot, and even when it doesn't fit exactly, there is probably something close enough to help with the job. And it's all pretty easy to find -- rarely do I end up grrring about something the program does or not being able to locate functionality. It's much more common for me to say -- neat, what a great feature -- that's the way it should work, or even better than I would have done myself (and I pride myself on being pretty good at that kind of thing)

    So, congratulations and thanks for a truly superior tool -- keep up the good work!


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    I must agree. The Scooter team has done an exceptional job streamlining the UI to make it efficient and intuitive. When I beta test other software, I continually find things that don't feel right. I explain how I think it should work. As an afterthought, I usually end up running Beyond Compare to see how it compares in similar tasks... and 99% of the time, Beyond Compare already performs in the way that I've recommended in my beta testing feedback for the other tools.

    Well-written software is so often taken for granted. People only notice when things feel wrong, and rarely fully appreciate it when everything feels right. My beta testing of other tools has renewed my appreciation for the attention to detail that the Scooter Team has implemented into Beyond Compare! BC3 is an awesome tool, and the responsiveness of the support team on the public forums is second to none. I know of no other tool on the market with a user-base as big as Beyond Compare where forums are so closely monitored. Bravo!

    We all have lists of things we would like to see in Beyond Compare. My contribution to the infamous Beyond Compare customer wish list has been significant! I don’t always see responses to every post in the forums…and as an end user, it may sometimes seem like development at Scooter Software is slow with enhancement requests a long time in the coming (sometimes years). Never-the-less, the Scooter team is doing well considering its small size and its attention to quality. Most enhancements are thoughtfully implemented from the start rather than being slapped in quickly with a wagon load of bugs.

    Thank You Team Scooter!
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      David and Michael,

      Thanks for the wonderful compliments and thanks for all the great suggestions you've offered for improvements in BC.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        How true, how very true.

        (This is a shopworn phrase for anyone familiar with the UK satirical publication Private Eye, but sometimes needs must).

        BC has been more than a lifesaver and a daily standby. Two incidents stand out in my mind over many years:

        1. The deduplication nightmare

        One of my former colleagues came to me one day needing help unjumbling his files. He'd been writing a book on wild rice varieties in Cambodia and was hired for his knowledge of rice and Cambodia not his IT skills. He understood the importance of making backups. Unfortunately he frequently resumed work as often as not on a backup data set (yes, the files were all on the same disk). Others had looked at it and passed, and so it ended up on my desk. BC wasn't the only tool I used but it was an old friend and it helped immensely. On one level, a routine problem. On another, an invisible and vital contribution to the revival of a nation (excuse the hyperbole, but, trust me, it was important work).

        2. Friends in Wisconsin

        I drove through Wisconsin a couple of times as a graduate student (in Ohio) and it reminded me of home (Ireland): cows, potatoes, horse chestnut trees etc., but I hardly stopped, alas. Horse radish mustard made an memorable impression (HIGHLY recommended).

        Years later, working for a not for profit in Asia, I experienced an act of kindness from the guys at Scootersoftware that was beyond karmic. I hesitate to say much about it as to be badgered as result of an act of generosity is no thanks indeed.

        But let me put it like this. If you put a pint of Guinness in front of me (or even if you didn't) here in London and said "Please wax lyrical about your heroes in the software business" I'd tell you about the fine people at Scootersoftware and what they meant to me, and still do. A great product, and ethical, compassionate people. I would also refer to the Gates Foundation.

        It's beyond software. It's not just a great product.