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compare 2 files, delete 1 ?

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  • compare 2 files, delete 1 ?

    Hi folks, I often find myself in the situation where I compare two files (left/right pane) and then - based on the helpful information BC provides - decide which file to delete.

    But ... I can't find a delete button/menu item. And if I right-click and choose Explorer >> delete, the file obviously won't delete due to the open handles BC has on the file.

    So, is there really no way? And if no, please consider this a feature request (and please move to the appropriate forum section). Many thanks.

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    There is not a way to currently do this from the file comparison. What type of file compare are you running (Text, MP3, Picture, etc)?

    If you launched from a Folder Compare session, you can close the current file compare and then delete one of the files. If not, you can go to the Session menu and select to Compare Parent folders, which will load a Folder Compare session containing both files; one of which can then be selected and deleted.
    Aaron P Scooter Software