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  • Stability

    I've now done hundreds of compares and dozens of file operation batches on BC3 Beta and have received not one crash, stack of error dialogs or FTP error.

    This is a massive improvment over BC2.

    Well done, Scooters!
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    If you do encounter anything, you should find the new Crash Reporting tool that you can automatically submit stack traces with. Let us know if you run into anything.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I've been sending in Crash Reports on several crashes a day in Folder Compare on three different machines running WinXP Pro (one at work, two at home). Often the crashes occur at apparently random times - BC3 open and I'm just mousing around or even working in a different application. So far I cannot see any logic to it. However, I never lost a file or had any damage done to files.

      Note: I am running two apps which add buttons to the top right corner of my windows (SplitView on all machines; UltraMon on the home machines; I've always run BC2 with these as well). I wonder, is anyone else seeing this behavior either with or without these apps active? I will disable SplitView for BC3 this week and see what happens.

      BC3 Beta 455
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        Not had any crashes for a while now. Stability is very good.

        Historically, the area I used to get crashes, would be in File Compare veiw, copying lines back and forth.