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  • Missing Delete

    OK, maybe this is the dumbest post but nevertheless... I just upgrade from my work copy of BC to my newly unemployed home copy of Version 3. But where is the red "X" that I used to use to delete files? Help says it should be on the Actions menu but I don't see it. (I relaly want it as an icon on the main dialog.) Do I really need to select "Explorer"-->"Delete"? (And this doesn't refresh the list automatically.) Help me! I love this product! But I delete a lot!!!

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    Never mind. I figured out that I was confused by the "Sync" command. Once I found by beloved and familiar "Folder Compare" I was happy again.


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      Make sure that your "Actions" toolbar is enabled:


      If it is, and your window size is too small to display all of the buttons, some of them may be hidden. Look for a >> on the toolbar to show the hidden buttons. Once you use a button, it should remain visible and another lesser used button will be hidden instead.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761