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FEATURE REQUEST: Event triggering

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  • FEATURE REQUEST: Event triggering

    I'd love to be able to configure some actions to take place when certain events occur (such as a sync/copy being completed, or when folder comparison is finished.)

    I often need to trigger a web request after updating my web server, so it would be great if I could get BC to ping the server for me (so that's cached is purged.) Just the ability to fire off a batch file would be tremendously helpful.

    Another issue I have, is I have a couple of remote directories that can take 30+ minutes to complete a folder comparison (due to the slow connection and total number of files/folders.) It would be great to be able to fire off an e-mail to my phone when it's done (since I do syncing from a remote server.)

    Anyway, I can see several ways being able to perform an action when BC is done with a given task would be useful to me.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Sending emails from BC is already on our wish list.

    For our current version, the best way to handle this is to automate your sync with a BC script, then put the call to the script in a batch file followed by a command line application to send an email or trigger the web request.

    If you're not familiar with scripting Beyond Compare 3, see the "Using Beyond Compare > Automating With Scripts" topic in the help file.
    Chris K Scooter Software