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  • Double Click to Select Section

    Under BC2, if I double clicked a difference, it performed a Select Section.

    Is there any way to alter the mouse behavior such that I can restore this functionality in BC3?

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    OK, I'm revising my own request since I continue to discover new features in BC3 that make it, Da Bomb! [That's a good thing for all you un-hep kats.]

    In a 2 way file compare, the Copy Section To Right, and Copy Section To Left, yellow arrows are my new friends in BC3. However, is there a way to configure them such that they Copy Section To Right/Left and do a Next Difference Section? I suppose I am requesting an enhancement, unless perhaps, hopefully, this can be configured.

    Again, BC3 Da Bomb!


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      Hi Ken,

      This feature is already in BC3. To turn it on, select "Tools > Options". Go to the "File Views > Next Difference" section. Check "Go to next difference after copying section".
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Most excellent. Many thanks.