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  • FindFirstFileEx

    Another recent thread concerning performance prompts me to ask whether you currently use, or plan to use, the new FindFirstFileEx parameter FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH which is described at

    The parameter is only available in Windows 7 and in Server 2008 R2, but that is easy to condition.

    In our (Delphi and C) applications, some of which do a very large number of file-find operations, we have noticed a significant performance improvement with this function. We have even had users whose decision to update to R2 has been influenced by getting this benefit. If you are not already using it, I think it would also greatly enhance BC which must also do a lot of folder scanning.

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    Thanks for the recommendation, documentation, and your use case.

    I'll pass this info along to our developers.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      What environment are you in where it shows a significant improvement? I tried adding it to BC and iterating over a 10,000 file directory or an entire shared drive (750K files) across a local network were virtually identical, speed wise. BC doesn't generally re-iterate over a directory unless you load new base folders or explicitly refresh, so it might not have as big an impact as your applications.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Apologies for the delayed response. In our tests, we were able to scan files on a network server approximately three times faster. However I accept that for 10,000 files both times would probably be well under a second, so I was probably wrong to say it would be noticeable in BC.