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  • Command line scripting

    I am interested in using BC3 for my continuous integration server where I am already using CruiseControl.NET v1.5 and Nant.

    I found the Scooter knowledge base article for automating a synchronization. It mentioned that I need to write my script in an external file. This does not integrate well with CC.NET. I would prefer to not have to duplicate my paths and properties in both CC.NET and the BC3 script file.

    Is there a way to script BC3 all inline in one command without having to defer to an external file?

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    Sorry, it isn't possible to script BC inline. You'll need to use a script file to automate BC.

    Beyond Compare scripts can make use of command line arguments, so you can pass in paths to be compared on the command line instead of editing your script. Command line arguments are available as the variables %1 through %9.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      that might be able to work if i write the script generic enough. thanks!