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Win7: Problem with time stamp in file copy ?

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  • Win7: Problem with time stamp in file copy ?

    Is there a known problem with BC file copy that causes some files to be incorrectly stamped? IOW, the dest file ends up newer than the source file?

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    No, but depending on your source and target this may happen for other reasons. Is the timestamp updated to the time the copy occured?

    If you copy the same file from the same source folder to destination folder using My Computer, does the timestamp also update?

    What source and destination are you copying from/to?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I've checked a couple things: The destination file does indeed end up with current time as the time stamp, so evidently the main problem is that BC is not getting around to transferring the time stamp from the first file to the second.

      It doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't happen with all files. It will just occur with one or two files out of a folder. It's not repeatable either. If I do the same operation a second time, the files will most likely copy with correct time stamp.

      Re your second question: I've never seen this happen with straight Windows drag/drop copy.

      I've only noticed this with Windows 7, though I haven't used BC with Vista.

      Another odd Windows 7 problem: I've got drives mapped between computer systems so they can be accessed by drive letter. IOW, the entire drive is shared, and drive F: on one system will be mapped to, say, drive K: on another. Sometimes BC will lose the ability to find the drives (on external systems) by the mapped letters. It happens to all mapped drives at once. Browsing to the drive letter and selecting a folder on that drive will fix whatever it is, but of course I need to do that for every mapped drive.

      This also does not happen in plain Windows. I can bring up "My Computer" and go to any drive letter. And browsing to the drive within Windows does not fix the problem with BC. There is evidently something internal that gets out of sync. I haven't figured out what sets it off, but often it occurs when the system is rebooted. Sometimes not.


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        Next time you see the issue pop-up, if you perform a refresh (f5) instead of re-copying the file, does that update with the correct timestamp? Is the issue that the timestamp is actually incorrect (after refresh; or in My Computer), or that Beyond Comapre 3 is showing the incorrect timestamp?

        You mention mapped drive letters. Are these the locations you are copying between using BC3 where these timestamp issues occur?
        -What method are you using to bind network shares to a drive letter? The built-in Windows method or a different application?
        -Are you transferring over a wireless network? Are any of these NAS devices?
        -What types of systems are the network shared locations running on?

        Losing mapped drives can happen in Windows, but I am surprised to hear about it working in My Computer, but then not working in BC3. Does a full refresh (ctrl+F5) work, or are you required to shutdown and restart BC3 fully? Are you able to access the network shares using the network path (\\computerName\Folder)?
        Aaron P Scooter Software