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    1) Ability to add columns for all the other windows explorer categories like "Date Created" "Artist" "Album," etc. (You've said this is in the works. Thanks. Any idea how soon?)

    2) Ability to see if MP3s are data identical without having to open the file. It would let us see if there are only tag differences on the folder compare page without having to go to the file compare page per file. This would be a huge help for those of us who have changed tags a lot on backup files.

    3) An end to the locking file problem- BC locks files on compares, lets MP3 playing programs lock files, etc. It's very time consuming to use a third party unlocker program from the BC explorer menu. Can you give us the ability to compare / play an MP3 from within BC without locking it or give us an unlock button on the main screen?

    4) Give us a way to add "open with associated application on the first right click menu and not nested inside "open with."

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    1) I see your request on our Customer Wishlist. Our wishlist is not set development, but a place our developers go to for ideas for future features. Unfortunately, since it is not currently scheduled, we don't have an estimated time for when it would be available.

    I replied to your original post with instructions on how to configure BC3 to compare the values (but not immediately display them) in the Folder Compare:

    2) This should already be the way BC3 works. By default, Beyond Compare compares Timestamp and Size, which should be different if your files are different. If you configure BC3 to compare using a Rules-based comapre, then we will comapre the tags of the MP3 file. One of these should be a "Data" tab, which is the size of the file. If it is different, then the files should also be marked as different. To confirm this, you can double click your files to view the information a rules-based compare would be using. Do you see the "Data" section? Is it different?

    3) Which series of steps are you following that are locking your file? I am able to play an MP3, pause the mp3, and still rename the MP3, without needing to unlock it.

    4) Thanks for the suggestion. You can add a keyboard shortcut to quickly access Associated Application (or any custom Open With command) without needing the right-click menu. Go to the Tools menu -> Customize Commands, and begin searching for associated. As you type it should pop-up the command and you can add a Shortcut. Does this meet your needs?

    *For Open With Commands: Go to the Tools menu -> Options, Open With section. Select the command and add the shortcut.
    Aaron P Scooter Software