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Specifying Key Columns in Command Line

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  • Specifying Key Columns in Command Line

    I am calling Beyond Compare 3 from another tool so I need to use command line. I am comparing 2 CSV files using the data compare, but since my first column in the files is not a uniqe key it is sorting the output in a different order than the input files are sorted which makes it very difficult for my users to find where in the original file the issue occured.

    If I go into the Beyond Compare interface and specify the right key columns then the order of the rows is correct, but is there any way to specify the key columns from the command line?

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    There is not an easy way to specify the key from the command line. You can change the Data Compare defaults by going to the Home screen, expand the green Edit Session defaults, and change the default session settings for the Data Compare.

    The other solution is to create a Folder Compare session, then open a data compare child session from within the Folder Compare session. In the child session, you can change session settings, and update them as the defaults for just this Folder Compare session. Loading and using the Folder Compare will then use these settings (so you can load it and run script from the command line).

    How do either of these solutions work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software