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  • Impossible to edit text


    When comparing files, the modification mode (F2 key) is inactive, I've checked my options settings and everything seems to be okay.
    It's also impossible to copy lines from a side to an other ( Yellow arrows are inactive)
    The case is similar with text comparison, data comparison etc...

    I've got the pro version,

    As a new user...

    Could you help me?

    Thanks a lot,

    See you

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    Make sure that you are using a Compare session, not a 3-way Merge session.

    On the Session Settings "Specs" tab, make sure the "Disable editing" checkbox is unchecked for the file(s) you wish to edit.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Hello Michael,

      Yes, I've checked this eventuality, and everything is okay on that point.

      Perhaps I've found the solution, on top of the column you've got a dialog box with all the character set listed, and the first choice is "Do not overwrite", I've checked this option to "ANSI" and everything seems to be okay now.

      If you know further about this, thanks to let me know,

      See you,



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        What file types are you comparing? Some files, such as MS Word files, are converted to plain text for comparison. Because we cannot save the text back into a .docx format, we disable saving these files. You mention manually switching to ANSI; which mode was it detecting before for the files (it should display in the top info bar at the top of each pane).

        Would you be able to email us?:
        -Your (From the Help menu -> Support; Export)
        -A pair of example files
        -A Screenshot
        -a link back to this forum post

        With this, we can try and troubleshoot the issue you are running into.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron,

          I'm off for three days, I'll post you this what you when I'll be back,

          Thanks a lot for your interest,

          See you,

          Rémi ;-)


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            MS Word Notification

            It would probably save frustration if BC said somewhere on the session screen that you can't edit MS Word files. I just spent a bit of time trying to make this work.

            I know, I know, come here at the first sign of trouble...

            btw, I continue to be incredibly pleased with this product.

            Thanks... Bob


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              Hello Bob,

              I've added your request to our Customer Wishlist to improve the user feedback. If you do run into anything else, please feel free to email us or post on the forums.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                Thanks a lot AARON

                See you,

                Rémi ;-)