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No Explorer integration after installing 455

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  • No Explorer integration after installing 455

    I don't see any other reference to this; however, after I installed build 455 yesterday on my laptop with Vista SP1, I cannot get any Explorer shell integration for BC3

    I had Cirrus installed previously, and I have BC2. After installing 455 and rebooting, I uninstalled Cirrus. The shell integration for BC2 was still there. I went to the Options page for BC3, shell integration was enabled, but the context menu command opened BC2. I closed BC3, opened BC2, and disabled shell integration there. No more BC in the context manu.

    Back to BC3, open the Options page, disable, Apply, reenable, Apply. No context menu entries. Reboot, do the same thing. Still no entries.

    Uninstall BC3, reinstall (with BC2 integration disabled.) Still nothing.

    What am I missing?

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    This problem occurs if you uninstall Cirrus after installing BC3. There's steps for working around it at
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      Got it. It works. Thanks a lot!