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Side question - want Searching software.

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  • Side question - want Searching software.

    I want to copy down my COBOL programs (BC does that) to the desktop. Then convert them from EBCDIC to ANSII so that they are text. Then I want to index them and be able to do very fast searches on these COBOL programs. Then want to edit, replace, Find on my search result members.

    So what I think that I need

    1) Software to copy down files from Mainframe to desktop - Beyond Compare does this nicely

    2) software to convert from EBCDIC to ASCII

    3) indexing software that I can then perform a search just in this folder.

    4) Searching software that can be restricted to a certain folder

    5) Once search results are found, bring up the files in a robust display tools like Beyond Compare. Can do Finds, Replaces, etc. Just do not need the compare.

    Guess 3,4,5 would all be the same software. Index it, Search it, Bring up the search results and allow view, find, replace, edit.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Have a look at NoteTab. I believe it will do what you want.

    Regards, AB


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      This thread lists several products that can perform find/replace functionality within a given folder structure.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        As a freeware alternative I can recommend PSPad from .

        It's a very powerful and feature-rich Editor.