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  • Modified date layout

    Is there any way of changing the way the modified date is shown ? At the moment, I see something like 10/01/2008, which to a european looks strange (we're left wondering whether it's the 1st of the 10th or the 10th of the 1st). What I would like to do would be to display it as yyyy/mm/dd. Is this possible ?

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    The dates are supposed to look the same as they do in Explorer. There's a glitch related to Windows 7 (and maybe Vista) where it may default to US settings, and that will be fixed in an upcoming release.
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      It is possible you may be able to fix this by changing your Windows date format to USA and then set it back to what you want.


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        That did it - thanks.

        I started incorrectly, thinking it was

        Control Panel > Date and Time > Time Zone

        but instead, changing it via

        Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Customise > Date

        did the trick. Thanks for the suggestions