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Copy to Folder - Want to convert from EBCDIC

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  • Copy to Folder - Want to convert from EBCDIC

    My goal is to download thousands of COBOL programs which reside on the mainframe in EBCDIC down to the server and to get them in a text format. While in folder compare view, I can select the files and then Actions -> Copy to folder. But this does not do the conversion. While in file compare there is a Edit -> Convert File but it is grayed out. First, why is it grayed out. But second, I really can not individually select each file anyway. Is there a way to download and convert files within Beyond Compare?

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    Select Tools->FTP Profiles, switch to the "Transfer" tab, and change the "Transfer type" setting from "Auto" to "ASCII", then download all of the files. The FTP server should convert them to ANSI when it's sending the files.

    If that doesn't work you'll need to batch convert them once you've download them, and BC isn't really designed for that. There are a few suggestions at
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