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    I am new to this and I have a quick question.

    I am comparing my website on my local hard drive to my site on the hosted web server via FTP. I have done the compare and all of the files that are needed are matching.

    My question is when I close Beyond Compare and then open it again to focus on just modified files, how can I do that because when I open Beyond Compare it acts like it does not know if the files are the same?

    Is there anyway to save a point in time comparison and revert back to that and update it?

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help.


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    You can save a "point in time" by using the Snapshot tool to save a virtual directory (but not the content) of files. However, I believe you will want to fix this a different way.

    Could you go into more detail on when you open it again, that Beyond Compare does not know if the files are the same? Do you mean Beyond Compare is stating the files are different? By default, BC3 uses timestamp and size as the comparison criteria. Is the timestamp or size different on the FTP side from the local side? You may be running into this issue:
    or related to this:

    We should be able to help you configure Beyond Compare, so that when you open it, it will display the comparison criteria you expect, and return the results you need.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software