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Manual edits - would like to flag them/color them.

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  • Manual edits - would like to flag them/color them.

    I love BC. Recently have been using to compare the before and after affects caused by a free text edit recipe software we are working on for a particular recipe program friends and I use. BC almost instantly shows us the improvements and changes our program has made to a file of recipes.
    But, there is no way to tell, if I catch some error in the AFTER and edit it right there on BC screen...that the change is MINE...and not caused by our program itself.

    What we need is a color selection ONLY for edits we make into the BC screen itself -- the manual fixes we do to the text...not the differences found by BC (for instance, I have those set to be red -- I would like my instant edits to be PINK). I need something to flag me that I myself made the change right then and there...

    For instance, if I add a letter or word or punctuation to left side (the AFTER), I don't want it the same RED that the other changes show (changes caused by the software I used to produce the After). I need a PINK or something ELSE...that I would then know reflect the change that I just NOW made.

    Is there the ability to color just my manual changes/edits (a completely different color than changes BC finds)...

    Does the program have something like that right now? I can't find it.

    Thanks lots.

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    Beyond Compare already identifies unsaved edits by coloring the gutter yellow. Once you save a file, edits are identified by coloring the gutter green.

    I've attached a screen shot with the yellow color circled in red.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Note that you can enlarge the size of the change bar in the gutter by checking "Wider change bars" in the Text Views tab of the Tweaks dialog. Use the keyboard shortcut Control+Shift+T to open the Tweaks dialog.

      You can also change the color of the change bar by selecting "Gutter" in the "File Views > Display" section of the "Tools > Options" dialog.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Thanks Chris. That will prove useful. But what I was hoping for was just the stuff ON the line that I've changed. Like say I can a comma to a /. I'd like just the / colored.


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          It seems similar to the BC2 colorize style, just and only the difference (changed item) not the whole line.

          Look at this other thread


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            If you open the same file on both sides, you can then make edits on one side, and it will show as a difference when compared to itself. You can use F11, or Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left to move the center bar to one side or the other.
            Aaron P Scooter Software