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I Know this should be EZ but...

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  • I Know this should be EZ but...

    I have spent a few hours reading and I cant find the answer. I am using BC3 simply to sort out my 5000 pictures. I have been using it a lot but I need to compare the created dates not the modified date

    I have pics all over my computer and many have been changed the only constant is the date created

    I cant figure out how to compare the pics by created date and time Seems like I need a script? I have not written one and cant find one to copy.

    Is there a simple answer

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    Unfortunately, Beyond Compare does not align files based on creation date.

    First, we align files in Folder Structure, and then match on file name. We can ignore Folder Structure, but the File Name still needs to match (and be unique, if the Folder Structure is ignored).

    Once aligned, files can be compared and determined if they are equal or unequal. By default, we use the Last Modified timestamp and size. We can also compare the contents of the file (binary, crc, or rules-based comparisons), but we cannot compare the Created Date timestamp.

    Would you be able to compare based on file name and a rules-based content comparison?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the answer. The same file name has been working in some cases the problem is I'm trying to find all of my originals and some got caught up in my edits so names and size have change. The constants are the creation dates. I've been doing it slowly through windows search. BC would have made it easy. Btw it has helped with a lot of other projects but ony basically as Im not a techy



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        You may want to try searching for a specific "Duplicate Finder" software for your particular case. I found this article (not affiliated with or supported by Scooter Software in any way):
        Windows only: A little sloppy file keeping can lead to a lot of duplicate and space-hogging files. Dig up all your dupes with the speedy Fast Duplicate File Finder.

        There appear to be some useful suggestions in the comments as well.
        Aaron P Scooter Software