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Running BC3 automatically?

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  • Running BC3 automatically?

    I want to set up BC3 so that it runs automatically and synchronizes my server to my FTP directory. I've got BC3 set up to do it with my interaction, but I want it to run, do the synch, and keep reviewing files to keep the two servers synchronized.

    I set BC3 to open with my saved Workspace.

    I also scheduled BC3 to run every day and to repeat every five minutes using Windows Scheduler --- but I have a feeling that I've not got it correctly.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks!!!


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    Hello Micah,

    To run tasks automatically, you would want to use a combination of Windows task scheduler and Beyond Compare Scripting.
    Detailed scripting documentation is found in the Help file under Scripting Reference, and under Using Beyond Compare -> Automating with Script.

    In general, it is a scriptFile.txt that contains a series of single line commands (whitespace and line breaks are IMPORTANT):
    load sessionName
    sync update:left->right

    Then you can execute these commands by calling bcompare.exe from the command line with @scriptfile as the parameter:
    bcompare.exe @"C:\script.txt"

    Place this command line in a Windows Scheduled Task, and you have an automated solution.

    I strongly recommend testing script with test files or already backed up files. Since there is no Preview of the actions before the script runs them, if your script is setup incorrectly you can accidentally sync files in a way you don't expect.
    Aaron P Scooter Software