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License Downgrade for BC2

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  • License Downgrade for BC2


    is it possible to purchase an BC3 license and to get an additional downgrade license for BC2?

    We have Text-Filter settings that run under BC2 and are not ported to BC3 yet.
    (Actually we ran into problems with concurrent rules definitions on BC3. But due to lack of time we have to handle this later.)
    BC3 is overall more powerful than the predecessor and in future there will be a port of the BC2 rules. But for now we have to use BC2 at least in parallel for the specific purpose.

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    Yes, any user licensed for BC3 may use BC2 as well. If you upgrade your BC2 license to BC3, you may continue to use the old BC2 license key.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      So that's the answer for upgrade procedure.

      Does it mean that I must first get a BC2 license and must update afterwards to get both licenses?

      What I had asked in the first is:
      If I buy a BC3 license, can I receive a BC2 license with it?
      (both licenses for the same user of course)


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        Yes. Just let sales know that you need a BC2 key sent as well. Also, you can have BC2 and BC3 installed on the same system at the same time. They install to different directories and store settings in separate locations, so they don't interfere with each other except for the Windows Shell extension can be a bit confusing (just disable that in one of the BC version's Tools -> Options dialog).

        Here's the kb article for defining Unimportant (custom file format) text in BC3:

        While BC2 rules aren't directly importable into BC3, you should be able to manually recreate it. Let us know if you run into any trouble (once you have the time to set it up).
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thank you for the information.
          I will give it to our buying department for the next order.

          For the rules thing I'll check in another time.