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  • Filter tape backup/Offline files

    We're using Enterprise Vault archiving solution and about 50% of our files are archived, leaving shortcut pointers to offline stored files in their place.
    Is there a way to tell BC to filter such files, similar like within the advanced option of Windows Explorer search ("Search tape Backup") option which includes or excludes such files during search?

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    Do these files have a specific extension? If so, you can use a File Name filter (in the Session Settings dialog).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I have the same question as the original poster. The offline files in vault have the same extension as the original file, but have the extended NTFS attribute for Offline set.

      When it gets accessed by the file system, it fetches the whole file from the Vault server. Syncing/Mirroring a directory with thousands of these files quickly eats up all the free space on the drive as each file is brought back.

      It would be nice to be able to ignore these files all together.




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        We can filter on DOS attributes such as Archive, System, Hidden, and Read-only, but do not currently support filtering on NTFS attributes.

        Would it be possible to add Vault as a Source Control Provider to BC3 Pro? You could then filter on Source Control status.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          This is the exact issue I'm having. Is NTFS filtering on the roadmap yet?


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            Sorry we missed responding when you originally posted chalston. Filtering by NTFS attributes is on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare, but it hasn't been scheduled for developer time yet.
            Chris K Scooter Software