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  • DataView matching on Columns

    Is there a quick way to do this?

    I have about 150 files where we have added or deleted fields.

    I simply want to compare on the columns where the column name is the same in both files.

    I can see in thes Session Settings/Columns where I can move the columns around so that they match but this would be very time intensive to do for each files. I'm looking for a configurtaion setting at the folder compare level that just matches on similar column names

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    At the Folder Compare level, you would run a Rules-based comparison to compare the text values within your files. This is similar to double clicking and viewing the default comparison for each pair.

    Are your defaults configured in a way to return the results you expect? If not, you can configure the default session settings from the Home screen, Edit session defaults folder, select Data Compare. Are your files opened with the Data Compare by default? The Key column is the column used for sorting and alignment by default, and defaults to column 1.

    Perhaps you could post some example files to the public forum, or email privately to [email protected] ? Please include a link back to this forum post if you email us.
    Aaron P Scooter Software