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Saving Sync Changes to new Folder or Zip

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  • Aaron

    So you load two directories, find differences, but then want to copy the selected differences elsewhere? You can use the Copy To Folder command to copy the differences to a 3rd location.

    If you type in .zip at the end of the location path, we'll zip it for you as well.

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  • rnaismith
    started a topic Saving Sync Changes to new Folder or Zip

    Saving Sync Changes to new Folder or Zip

    I would like to create a zip file of the changes of two directory trees, such that I can unzip the changes on top of 1 directory to have the 2nd directory tree.

    I can create a folder compare session with 1 directory on left & 1 directory on right. I can click on the merge button & the merge has the information that I need (from right to left merge), but I don't want to update the left, I want to store the differences into a new directory so I can create a zip file of the differences.

    What I want is kind of what the "Patch Diff" does, but I want to do it on a directory tree with files not just text files. I am sure that I can do it, but I haven't figured it out yet.

    Ron N.