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  • Add more sources to copying queue

    Hi, there:

    In BC3, there's multi threads for Copying tasks.
    But, it actually makes the copying task more slower if the copying sources and targets of different copying threads are on the same HD. I mean both tasks are copying folders from D drive to E drive for example.

    So, my suggestion is that BC3 can:
    1) Append copy sources and targets
    2) or can merge 2 tasks into 1 task.

    Maybe change the sources and targets of an executing task is difficult, you can do it by
    3) Add a pending task, to an executing one (sequence execution after it finished)
    4) And Add "start/pause" feature to all tasks.

    Is it possible to do that?
    Thanks a lots, BC2 and BC3 really makes my life easier.

    Jack Ting

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    Hello Jack,

    Thanks for the suggestion and idea. I've added this to our Customer Wishlist.

    What type of workflow are you following where you are copying a set/selection of files, and then copying another set immediately before the first finishes? Are you working in multiple tabs?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      No, although I use multiple tabs, but usually I just focus on one tab.

      It ueually comes when I'm sync. my working documemts and the backup one. I'll check and select what to be copied to the backup, sometime it comes lots of files. So I'll select some and sumit them for copying, then check the others, and sumit them to be copied. Then, it happens if the previous set is not finished yet, the system slow down and the backup job takes more time to finish.
      That's it.

      Jack Ting