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  • Display Status on Tab?

    I use BC3 to sync multiple folders at the same time. After opening multiple tabs for different folder comparisons, I have to switch back and forth between tabs to check on the folder compare status.

    As I switch tabs, I can see the red "stop loading" icon 'throbbing' as the comparison is in progress, but I would like to see something similar on the tab itself so I can glance at the tabs and see which one is complete so I can switch to it and finish my folder sync.

    Once I start a folder sync, a percentage is displayed on the tab to indicate progression, so, once a sync is started, I can glance and see which syncs are complete by looking at the progress in the tab text itself.

    Is it possible to have the tab indicate initial comparison status?

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    Thanks, Ernie. This request was in our Customer Wishlist already, and I've added your notes to the entry as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software