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include a subfolder (within big folder/file structure)?

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  • include a subfolder (within big folder/file structure)?

    I have 600 subfolders and about 40000 files (various types):
    Windows XP
    BC 3.1.11

    I want to be able to get all 'includes' folders (regardless of their position within the tree/folder structure. However, neither one of these filters (for 'Include Filters'), returns/displays all 'includes' folders:
    *includes* (nothing)
    includes (only 'root' level /include folder)
    *includes* (only 'root' level /include folder)
    *\includes (this works down the folder structure and returns all /includes subfolders; however, it misses the root level 'include' subfolder)

    Why is this not working?
    Am I missing something here?

    What should be the proper filter so I get all /includes folders?


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    Use ".\...\include"

    ".\" means it's parented to the base folders, and '...' means "zero or more parent folders". Together they tell BC to include the named folders at any depth, with parent folders included implicitly if needed.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Thanks - works well.

      Where we can find more information about various filter options? I am long time BC user, however, I didn't know about the solution for the initial problem (this is not intuitive).


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        It's documented in the help under the File Masks topic. It looks like the '.\' bit is actually unnecessary, so "...\include" will work too.

        This specific interaction isn't explicitly documented in the help, but a combination of the statements in the topic does add up to it, and there are some examples. Basically: Include filters only apply if the parent folder is explicitly included, and relative filters that include path information will implicitly include intermediate parents.

        The core idea is that folders can either be explicitly included (named as the last portion of an include folder filter or below such a folder) or implicitly included (as the path portion of a relative filter), and a relative filter can only start in an explicitly included folder. I can't really describe it more clearly than that.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Again, thanks for all these details. Useful discussion.

          Two things to note - I just tested and proved this to be accurate:

          As per:

          this filter should include all folders named includes:
          p\ Include any folder named p.
          This is not working in my environment.

          Suggested filter:
          doesn't go through folder structure and it doesn't detect any 'includes' subfolders.

          The two filters that I've confirmed to be responding to my question (all 'includes' folders within folder structure) are:

          Hope you find some of this data/feedback useful.
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            The issue is the logic of Includes vs. Excludes.

            For an Exclude, this will work as you expect, and exclude all instances.
            For an Include, the parent must also be included. If the parent folder is not included, then all subfolders (even if they match an included "p\") won't be included. Placing the "...\p\" will then include the entire path up as well. Functionally, including "p\" is similar to ".\p\", but Excluding "p\" is different than excluding just ".\p\"
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              The 'include logic', once understood, makes sense. It might not be that intuitive, which is potential issue for BC users.

              I would prefer, in various cases, to be able to get all (for example) 'images' folders, without worrying if their parents are included or not.
              Quite often (complex and/or big folder structures) this is not realistic requirement - to know and have all parent folders included (actually not excluded).


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                Thanks for the feedback. I've added it to our Customer Wishlist.

                To clarify, the .../p/ filter logic works for you, correct? Are you running into any other issues?
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  Originally posted by Aaron
                  Thanks for the feedback. I've added it to our Customer Wishlist.

                  To clarify, the .../p/ filter logic works for you, correct? Are you running into any other issues?
                  Well, when I use this filter:
                  I get only a first 'includes' subfolder, but those that are burried deep down (within the folder structure).

                  I have:
                  ~40000 files
                  ~2000 folders

                  If I search for all 'includes' folders, this filter (includes\p) is not giving me what I need.

                  Please, let me know if I can provide more data.


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                    How does ...\includes\p work for you? Remember, in order to be included, the filter must define, or other filters must include, the path down to includes, and then includes must have a \p\ subfolder.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software