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  • BC3 and Macros


    I am wondering if BC3 supports something like Macros. What I would like to do is select a certain portion of text and then have it changed using a "macro". Is this possible? Is there some way this can be programmatically done in BC3?

    If not, could someone suggests a windows program which can run in the background and could do it?

    As an example, say I want to highlight a word such as WORD-123-123 and then using the macro, programatically remove the "-" and result have WORD123123.



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    We do not have a built-in method for editing or stripping out text, but we do support plugging a method or external program or .bat file into BC3's file formats. This allows the file to have dashes or other edits stripped out automatically when you load specific files, rather than needing to do it manually.

    Here is a KB article with an example:

    We also have methods of marking specific differences as unimportant without editing the file, if that is the purpose of stripping out text.

    How does that work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software