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  • Copy a co-workers Workspace

    My folder compare, and then file merge does not work. My co-worker has his either ftp, folder, file something setup differently so that his works. Can he save his workspace and then copy it over and then I load it? How can I get his setup? We tried copying down a workspace, but cannot find where it saved it.


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    You can export saved sessions and settings with the Tools menu -> Export command. Does he have his workspace loading a couple of saved sessions? If so, you can simply have him export those two sessions independently from the rest of his settings. If that does not work, he can export his FTP settings as well. He can also simply export everything, and then you import everything.

    I would suggest backing up your settings using the Tools menu -> Export command before importing any of his settings. That way, if you accidentally lose something, you can restore it later.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      My co-worker did Tools -> Export. He exported everything. I did Tools -> Import. Imported everything. Then choose one of the folder compares. DId a folder compare, then a file compare and it is coming up as "unknown size <default> Turkish(Windows) MAC" and the file contents is unreadable, which is totally different that what my co-worker gets.

      I am willing to uninstall my BY 3, delete all my files, anything. I just want to get something that allows me to do a FTP, Mainframe, folder / file compare, and then merge the code. The guy across the hall has it working and we have gone screen by screen, and now we have tried Import/Export settings and still I can not get mine to use the same parameters as his. Very frustrating. Any ideas what I can do??


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        This is killllling me. Decided to do an uninstall of BY3. Just to wipe everything out. Did a reinstall of BY3. and guess what ..... all my old stuff is still there. How can I get a clean install so I can import my co-workers exported session and hopefully get some work done today?


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          Click Start -> Run and enter this path to find your BC3 configuration files:

          %appdata%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\

          If you really want to wipe your settings, just close BC3, delete or rename the .xml files in this folder, then relaunch BC3.
          BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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            Hello Brenda,

            Did you also send us an email (that resolved this issue as an FTP Profile setting: co-worker was using ANSI while you had AUTO)?

            I'd just like to make sure that everything is ok for you now.

            You can also explore your settings folder by launching the application, going to the Help menu -> Support, and clicking the blue link to Explore your Settings folder.
            Aaron P Scooter Software