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  • dickdunbar
    Minor glitch

    Good suggestions about line compare. When I see it again, I'll report.


    Context Menu on local disk now provides "Explorer" option.
    This used to be quite slow ... so slow that I learned to guide the mouse
    around the option with BC2 so I wouldn't hit it accidently.
    Wasn't your fault ... Explorer is slow on everybody's app

    But you fixed this; it now comes up instantly, and provides me with access
    to my own local menu items.

    So now, BeyondCompare is faster than Microsoft Explorer

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  • Aaron

    You can post or email us ([email protected]) screenshots/example files/BC for your comparison/difference issue. If you view with the Hex detail line, can you see a difference in there?

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  • dickdunbar
    started a topic Nailed it

    Nailed it

    BeyondCompare 3 has nailed it. Everything I wanted.
    1. ftp directory quirks resolved
    2. Multiple copy sessions progress simulaneously
    3. Subdirectory Sync available on Context menu
    4. Automatic update is subtle and flawless
    5. ftp transfers ascii/binary selectable
    6. Auto Saved sessions are brilliant

    And this is just the stuff I use every day, all day.

    There are some funny file compare lines that I haven't worked out.
    Lines mis-compare ... but in the line/over listing at the bottom, I cannot spot the difference. Minor ... very minor.

    I love ths program.