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where is the feature of "compare results"

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  • where is the feature of "compare results"

    I just upgraded to compare 3. but I missed the feature of "compare results"? In compare 2, once I compared 2 folders, the new window pops up and show the results, from there, I can see a list of files which doesn't match each other. Double clicking on them will show the difference in detail.

    in compare 3, I didn't see that.

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    In the Compare Contents dialog, check the "Show Results dialog" box.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      The results dialog doesn't allow you to select the results. In version 2, you used to be able to either select the results, then copy, or possibly even use the right mouse button.

      Running version 3.2.4 on Linux.



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        Hello Peter,

        BC2 was not available for Linux, and the Comparison results dialog did not allow for selection, copying of the files, or any right mouse button actions. You could generate a report right from the dialog in BC2, but BC3 now allows this report to be generated from the standard Folder Comparison Reports dialog (which does not require the Compare Contents command to be run first). Both BC2 and BC3 allow the user to double click on a file to launch a detailed comparison.

        BC2/BC3's main view does support all of the actions you are referring to. After a Compare Contents command (or background comparison has been run) you can use the Display Filters to show the files you want and then perform a selection, copy, or right-mouse button actions on the files.

        Does that help explain the behavior you are seeing? Let us know if you have any questions.
        Aaron P Scooter Software