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    I am trying to synchronize two drives. The one represents the state of the art -- mostly. Folder names have changed and contents have been somewhat scrambled, in the process of transition from version A to State of the Art. I want to export filenames and CRCs from each of the drives, stick those data in a spreadsheet, and identify where the CRCs and/or filenames don't match up. My questions: (1) is there an easier way? and (2) in any event, for now or for future purposes, how can I do that?



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    Hi Ray,

    You might be able to do some of the comparison inside of Beyond Compare 3. If folder names have changed, select "View > Ignore Folder Structure" to align files based only on their names, not on their subfolders. It isn't possible to align on size and CRC while ignoring file names.

    To export the comparison to a file, first "Edit > Expand All", then use the "Session > Folder Compare Report" command. Select "HTML report" as the output type. Check "CRC" to include CRC values in the report. Then click "Save As" to generate the report file.

    Once you've saved the report as HTML, you can open the HTML file in Excel and save it as an XLS file.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Chris, this is really cool software. Thank you for your time. I am hopefully reaching a comfort level where I will be better at figuring out some of these solutions on my own.