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Continuous contribution to shared sessions from multiple computers

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  • Continuous contribution to shared sessions from multiple computers

    I work in a team of developers.

    I'd like to be able to share sessions between us. I know this is possible using the shared settings folder option, but the work flow doesn't seem quite what I would have expected.

    Suppose I make a useful comparison project I'd like to share between the developers, and call it "Comparison 1". I would go through the export options and export "Comparison 1" to the "BCSessions.bcpkg" file in the shared folder.

    Now suppose the developer next to me has come up with another really useful comparison project that she would like to add to the existing share called "Comparison 2". If they run through the export, they will overwrite the old "BCSessions.bcpkg" and "Comparison 1" will be lost, because it was not natively on their computer, only through the share. The only comparison project in the shared file will now be "Comparison 2".

    How can we create a share that a team of developers can easily continue to contribute to?


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    The shared session is designed as a central Session file location that is shared but not edited by all of the users using it.

    For easy merging, I would recommend using a separate Portable install of BC3 that is on your server. When you need to import settings into this space, export from your local machine, and then import into the Portable install. Each user can then point to that Portable Install's BCSessions.xml as their shared session xml.

    Alternatively, you can also manually edit the xml located on the server using Beyond Compare to point to your local Sessions.xml (with the new session you wish to share) and the shared server copy.
    Aaron P Scooter Software