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  • BC 3.2 beta observations

    Thanks for detecting symbolic links on unix ftp connections;
    it is extraordinarily useful in my work.

    The script I wrote for "Open With" to launch cygwin bash
    has started to fail. The problem is that the last directory
    in the path now has a blank separating it from the full path.

    "Windows cannot find 'C:\views\ vobs'."

    Running on Windows 7 produces lots (and lots) of "program not responding"
    while running BC3. I'm puzzled (but not surprised) by this behaviour,
    because BC3 is very well behaved on WinXP.

    I suspect I'll have to run something like Sysinternals "procmon" to track this down.

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    Hi Dick,

    Thanks for reporting the problems.

    For the folder problem, it might help to check that all of your paths are quoted to handle the spaces.

    Some of our developers are running Windows 7, we haven't seen consistent "program not responding" error messages in our own testing. What are you doing in Beyond Compare when you get "program not responding"?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Chris
      What are you doing in Beyond Compare when you get "program not responding"?
      A ton of stuff. I'm synchronizing TB sized disks.
      - multiple copy requests in a single tab
      - multiple tabs isolating particular directories
      - multiple copy requests in those additional tabs

      Doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm using local disks
      or remote disks.


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        Originally posted by Chris
        For the folder problem, it might help to check that all of your paths are quoted to handle the spaces.
        This is my problem ... I thought I had this working correctly.

        I'm confused by these two BC3 services:

        1. Associated Application
        If I locate "bash.exe" in the cygwin/bin directory, and choose
        "run associated application", bash gets launched correctly and stays

        2. Open With
        If I choose cygwin\bin\bash.exe, bash is launched but immediately
        exits without a bash prompt.


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          Our Associated Application option is similar to double clicking on the file in My Computer or Windows Explorer. This would launch bash.exe.

          Our Open With customizable commands work based on the current selection, and can pass in parameters on the command line based on that selection. Was the Open With customized to call bash.exe, or were you selecting bash.exe?

          A screenshot of how you configured your Open With (posted here or emailed to [email protected] with a link back to this forum post), may help clear that up. What did you have selected when you used the Open With?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            That is a lot of actions to take at once. Sometimes the Not Responding message can pop-up when a program is too busy to reply to Windows, but it really is still running in the background.

            Also, it sounds like you may be having general Windows 7 issues? Is this a new Windows 7 machine or did you upgrade an older WinXP machine to Win7?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              I foolishly installed Win7 beta on this machine, and then Microsoft wouldn't allow
              a product upgrade from media.

              So, it is a fresh install of Win7 X64 Professional.

              I'm not having Win7 issues ... Microsoft is :-)

              As soon as you finish your Mac port of BC3,
              Balmer will have one less machine to throw chairs at.

              The hardware is good; the beta Win7 ran better than WinXP64,
              except for a few "security" issues.

              The box is mostly idle now ... I use the large disks for backup storage.


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                Our lead developer actually uses Win7 64bit and we haven't had any big issues (such as speed from your other thread, or not responding from this one.) I'd suggest installing the latest updates and network card drivers to see if that helps.
                Aaron P Scooter Software