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  • New Version 3 User Problems

    I have used BC 2 for a number of years but BC 2.5.3 bogged down when I tried it on Windows 7. So I purchased BC 3.1.11 and have PROBLEMS.
    First, I asked for the installation to put a shortcut on both the desktop and the task bar. The one on the desktop is frozen and cannot even be deleted.
    Second, when I do start the program, the buttons on the bottom (open,delete,save as, & lock) are half hidden by a frame? or something.
    Third, when I get started, and click on sessions, the list of sessions runs from the "sessions" button upward, now downward, and only the last 2 or 3 session names show.
    I couldn't find anything about these on the FAQs list or other forum problems. Can you help?
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    Hello Boob,

    Would you be able to post or email (to [email protected]) some screenshots of the issues you are running into?
    BC2.5.3 is supported under Windows7, as is the latest BC3 release. Either should be able to run fine; it sounds like there may be some issues with your computer. The BC3 window should be re-sizable and start at a minimum size that will show as much as it can given the current screen resolution.

    Did you recently upgrade to Windows 7? What resolution are you currently running at and do you have the latest graphical drivers installed?
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