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How to add the Explorer Shell Extension if BC3 was not installed

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  • How to add the Explorer Shell Extension if BC3 was not installed

    I use BC3 in my "Utils" folder. After the last Windows repave, I don't have the extension shell installed anymore. I also don't have the option in Options as mentioned here

    Is there a way to tell BC3 to install it or should I do the installer thing?

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    If you selected "Create portable install" when you installed Beyond Compare 3, it doesn't provide the shell extension in "Tools > Options". To use the shell extension, you'll need to install Beyond Compare and select one of the other install options.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Ok, thanks.


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        As an englishman whose learnt what he can about computing in Sweden (ie, English terms are not "normal" for me), what is a repave ?


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          "After the last Windows repave"

          That would mean re-installing Windows, completely replacing what was on the disk.

          The usage comes from "repaving a road", which involves stripping off the old surface and adding a new one.


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            Thanks Dave

            Was discussing this with a colleague in my situation (English as well - lived here for years). One of the "problems" I have here at work is that people come to me with "You're an Englishman - how do you say complicated technical Swedish expression in English" (Like I have a clue).

            In addition to that, you have some words/expressions that are literal translations from one to the other. For example, "Overview" in English is "Översikt" in Swedish (you'll have to trust me on that one - it's a literal translation of the English word). So you end up wondering if a literal translation into Swedish is correct or simply guesswork from the person translating it.

            What this boils down to is this. If you see some strange English expressions in any of my appends, you'll know it's me trying to "englify" the swedish words.