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BC3 and Mercurial

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  • BC3 and Mercurial

    Can someone please post a working copy of a Mercurial.ini (Windows) file that works with BC3?

    The bits and pieces found thru google don't seem to work.

    Losing a lot of time on this one...


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    Hi Rick,

    Have you tried the Mercurial instructions on our web site?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      BC3 and Mecurial

      While the notes seem to be a good start,they are not complete.
      opts.bcomp = /ro is questionable. If I leave out the /ro, then I get the new changes compared to the compiled version. Adding the /ro gives me a three way merge with the first window being /ro

      From Tortoisehg I just get the session selection page, but I am convinced that I HAVE that working at some point.

      I'm still batting with all the hassle that DVCS is creating to a work flow that has been running nicely for years, and neither hg or git is production ready in a number of important areas. But BC forms a nice interface for managing merging of code from diverse sources.


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        Hello, the opts.bcomp = /ro is part of the Diff section of instructions on that KB article. It shouldn't create a Merge Session window unless BComp has 4 arguments passed to it. The Merge Tools section details how to set up a BC3 Merge session as the merge tool. It should look something like this:

        It is also important to search for the sections [extensions], [extdiff], [tortoisehg] for diff, and [merge-tools], and [ui]. If they already exist in the file, then those sections, on those lines, must be used.

        A BC3 Merge Session (with 3 inputs and 1 output) requires BC3 Pro edition. Do you have Pro or Std edition?
        Aaron P Scooter Software