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  • Feature request text folding

    Hi there

    many modern editors have syntax folding capability which is a great help when bowsing big files
    I think this would be not to complicated addition to BC3 if done in the following way:

    an option on delimited grammar item
    folding enabled even if unimportant

    color when folded is the most significant used on any part of the folded away text
    support for positive look ahead in regular expression
    support for negative look ahead in regular expression
    support for nested delimited grammar items

    this should enable eg folding from #if to #else not including the #else and again from #else to #endif not including #endif

    folded text should show as <Text from>...<to>

    br Jens
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    Just a word on folding:

    I have seen a lot of issues with folding in some other tools. If folding is implemented, I highly recommend that three types of fold string definitions be supported:

    Begin fold strings
    Mid fold strings
    End fold strings

    A Mid Fold string would only cause a fold if it occurs between existing Begin and End fold strings. An example for visual basic:

    If {expression} Then
    'block of code
    ElseIf {expression} Then
    'block of code
    ElseIf {expression} Then
    'block of code
    'block of code
    End If

    "If" would be a begin fold string
    "End If" would be an end fold string
    "ElseIf" and "Else" would be mid fold strings

    This would allow each section of the If/Then/Else construct to be folded and expanded independently.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I've added it (along with Michael's notes) to our Customer Wishlist. This would be part of a larger item of improved Syntax handling, so it is not a quick change or soon coming, but it is something we are looking into.
      Aaron P Scooter Software