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Delphi XE and BC3 Pro

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  • Delphi XE and BC3 Pro

    How should existing BC3 customers approach installing Delphi XE?

    Do we need to do anything special to avoid our full versions being overwritten with a limited version?

    Are there any integration features we miss out on by not using the bundled BC version?


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    Hi Lachlan,

    Just install Delphi XE and enjoy.

    The IDE plug-in will detect a full BC install and use it automatically; no configuration required. The lite version of BC that they're distributing is just the text compare. You actually get more features with a full BC install, since the plug-in will add commands for the folder compare and text merge if they're available. The lite version itself is installed in the RAD Studio "bin" directory and has a separate settings directory, so it won't affect your existing install.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Is there any news on the startup delay issue?


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        I've already sent a fixed DLL to Embarcadero and it will be in the first update. They told me the cutoff was the 15th, so it should come out relatively soon after that. If it's especially bothersome email [email protected] and I can email you a copy.
        Zoë P Scooter Software